Vibration-free chamber (separate unit)

Vibration-free chamber in 2024

Chambers are usually called temperature test units (temperature test chambers). There are different types of these chambers. Each of them offers its own name in the market according to its performance. Vibration-free chamber (separate unit) is a type of chamber in the market that has specific functions. Arya Sarmayesh is one of the best companies in the production and supply of various chambers. Join us in this article to review this product.

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Introduction of the chamber

There are many differences in the climates of different regions. Your products must resist different temperatures during production, transportation, storage, and use. Here is the chamber device that assumes a role. The chamber helps you test the effect of temperature on the properties, performance, and lifespan of your products. There are different types of this device, and we will introduce one of the most widely used ones, namely the vibration-free chamber.

A look at the vibration-free chamber

The vibration-free chamber is one of the specialized types of temperature testing equipment used for environmental tests, semiconductor tests, chemical stability tests, etc. The size of a vibration-free chamber can range from a small desk unit to a very large industrial unit, but it should always maintain a steady and accurate temperature throughout the chamber. This category of temperature testing equipment usually has a temperature range from a minimum of -40 to -80 to a maximum of almost 300 to 350 0C, depending on the type of compressor.

Many test protocols require testing at different temperatures and vibration-free chambers (separate units) enable more accurate measurement with the fast rate of change. Temperature chambers may also meet GMP/GLP standards and connect with software in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Performance of vibration-free chamber (separate unit)

The vibration-free chamber generally investigates and tests the long-term effects that different spectra have on the quality parameters of a product. This category of temperature test chambers helps to determine the behavior of materials that are subjected to harsh conditions such as temperature changes or humidity changes.

A vibration-free chamber that has a separate unit performs thermal tests using forced air convection. The main requirement of a vibration-free temperature test chamber is the airflow, which is fed along with the fan and motor to circulate the air in the test chamber.

In the operation of this chamber, there are three thermal test methods, respectively:

  • Cycling
  • burn-in
  • shock

These three test methods evaluate the durability of each component of a material against extreme temperatures.

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Performance of vibration-free chamber by cycling test method

The cycling test or thermal cycle is a controlled test that is performed by a vibration-free chamber. The chamber in this test is built in such a way that its activity is changed between the maximum temperatures. The speed of changes in this chamber is adjusted in such a way that it can limit the amount of thermal stress in order to give assurance to the tester that the part can reach the required temperature.

There is a lot of precision in the performance of this test. If the temperature suddenly rises beyond what a product can withstand, the product will collapse. This test is accurate and effective considering how much the product can withstand the temperature, and it does not exceed the temperature at all.

Applications of the vibration-free chamber

This device is very useful in the industry and its surroundings. In this section, we will introduce to you some of the applications of the vibration-free chamber.

Tire tests

Tire manufacturers are required to test their products in hot and cold weather after production. In this device, the tire is frozen by liquid nitrogen, and then the amount of shrinkage is measured with a vibration-free chamber.

In order to make sure what type of tire to produce and design for the weather conditions, manufacturers need to examine different types of tires with different raw materials in this chamber. Many people believe that tires are inherently tough and strong products, but you should know that they will degrade in unfavorable weather conditions if they are not properly tested.

Storage of pharmaceutical products

The most important issue that must be observed in pharmacies is that the drugs should be kept at the appropriate temperature. If a drug is not kept at the desired temperature, its effect will decrease or even decomposition may occur. This generally affects the degradation of the drug and destroys its performance.

But how is this temperature range calculated? The response is the vibration-free chamber. The drugs undergo various tests to provide temperature data for them.

Testing vehicles

We have always witnessed the increase in the safety of cars and the production of various types of parts with the technology advancement which have an effect on this issue as well as optimal fuel consumption. Automotive electronics include semiconductors, sensors, and various subsystems. Modern vehicles have 50 sensors, switches, and other forms of electronic control.

In order for the manufacturers to gain complete confidence in the performance of these parts, they use a vibration-free chamber to test them. Electronic components are tested in a vibration-free chamber, in temperature chambers with temperature variations between -80°C and 225°C or higher.


A vibration-free chamber can bring about a significant revolution in your manufacturing industry. Perhaps this device is one of the most important options for supplying a product or maintaining it in a 100% standard condition. You can easily get more information about this chamber from the professional consultants of Arya Sarmayesh.

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