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With a commitment to advancing scientific endeavors and ensuring the highest standards of quality, AryaSarmayesh has emerged as a trusted manufacturer of a diverse array of cutting-edge equipment designed to meet the stringent demands of environmental testing.
Our main fields of business are:
  • Aeronautics/Aerospace
  • automobile industry
  • Electronics/Electrical
  • Chemical/Plastics
  • Defensive
  • Science
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Aryasarmayesh is a Knowledge-based Company in Iran that manufactures various types of laboratory and environmental testing devices.
These devices include temperature test chambers, Climatic (temperature and humidity) test chambers, vacuum dryers, explosion-proof dryers, condenser cooling chillers, laboratory chillers, compact chillers, mini chillers, deep freezers, test rooms, Dehumdifier, etc.
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Laboratory equipment manufactured by Aryasarmayesh company is produced with the latest and most advanced tools and techniques, precise engineering, and meticulous attention to detail.
Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards.
This commitment to quality has earned Aryasarmayesh a great reputation among researchers, scientists, and institutions around the Middle East.
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Aryasarmayesh, a knowledge-based manufacturer

Aryasarmayesh, is a knowledge-based company and has started supplying laboratory testing devices, industrial chillers with special designs as well as special cooling devices enjoying the support of the research and development team for the past decade. It is one of the best manufacturers of environmental test chambers in Iran with an international standard.

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Aryasarmayesh, as a knowledge-based company, is one of the best manufacturers of environmental test chambers in Iran with an international standard, follow our latest news and events below.

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