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A vacuum oven / pressure chamber can be considered one of the most important laboratory equipment. Although Iran has achieved manufacturing these devices only in the last few years, the quality and overall structure of these devices are equal to international models.

To understand the application of a vacuum oven / pressure chamber, you should be generally familiar with the characteristics of the vacuum environment. The general shape of this device will usually be cylindrical or cubic.

In a short time, a vacuum-like condition can be set up inside these devices with the right equipment. Please stay with us to provide you with information about this device and its main features.

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What is a pressure chamber?

Before we explain about the vacuum oven/pressure chamber and its main applications, we should give you some tips about the topic of vacuum. What is a vacuum?

A vacuum is a condition in which there is no material in our space. The material applies to even things as small as an atom. In a vacuum, no matter how hard you look for the smallest atom, you will not find it.

A vacuum can be called the emptiest space in the universe. It may be difficult for people who are not familiar with this environment to imagine this. In a vacuum, there are not even air molecules. The absence of air molecules causes the pressure in the vacuum environment to be practically zero absolute zero pressure can only be produced in the vacuum environment.

The relationship between pressure and vacuum can be expressed with this point; the absence of any molecules in the space means that there is practically no pressure. Air molecules in the normal environment will create pressure with their movement. In the next section, which is about the pressure chamber, we will examine the vacuum generation.

There is an indirect relationship between pressure and vacuum; therefore, as the pressure increases in a chamber, the vacuum will decrease. On the contrary, with the increase of the vacuum, the pressure in the chamber decreases.

Pressure chambers have various applications.

what is pressure chamber

How does a vacuum oven create a vacuum?

Because even with compliance with the highest standards, some air molecules remain in the chamber in a normal state, achieving a complete vacuum will be difficult. Even with pressure and vacuum ovens, it is not possible to completely create a vacuum environment.

However, it is worth mentioning that the vacuum environment created by these ovens will be completely acceptable for laboratory and industrial purposes. The vacuum equipment can lower the pressure in the oven to the desired level by their devices.

A vacuum oven generally includes items such as pumps, types of valves, types of basic fittings, types of barometers, and types of control valves. The general material of the vacuum or pressure ovens will usually be made of resistant metal so that there is no problem in pressure reduction and vacuum generation.

A special vacuum pump will usually be used in a vacuum/pressure oven. This pump is responsible for emptying the oven of any substance. The size of this vacuum pump will be determined according to the capacity of the chamber.

The vacuum oven has different equipment.

What is the use of pressure test?

The next issue may be, what is the main use of pressure testing and also providing a vacuum environment? The answer may be that today, according to the different applications of vacuum ovens, devices with different characteristics have been made.

Nowadays, in the production industry of various products, vacuum is used in items such as drying, forming, condensation, distillation, liquid pumping, various types of filtration, and also various pressure test instances in laboratory settings.

usage of pressure chamber

What points should be considered when buying a vacuum and pressure chamber?

As mentioned in the previous section, today various vacuum ovens are produced according to customer needs. Certainly, choosing a vacuum oven with inappropriate features will not only waste your investment, but errors may also occur in the laboratory results.

You should always consider your intended capacity when choosing a vacuum and pressure oven. One of the main factors and the main difference between diverse pressure ovens is their capacity.

The next thing that you should pay attention to when buying a pressure oven is that it meets all the world’s standards. A pressure oven cannot offer authentic and reliable results to its users if it does not support the current standards.

It is better to contact experts before choosing any vacuum and pressure oven. The experts can assist you in choosing a vacuum oven in the shortest possible time according to your needs and capacity level.

Today, pressure and vacuum production ovens are usually offered in two categories, manual or automatic. In the manual model, there will always be a need for an operator for the oven, while all related actions are performed automatically in the automatic model.

Last word

In this article, we tried to explain very briefly about the vacuum and pressure oven. Due to the complexity of these types of ovens, it is not possible to include all their specifications and applications in just one article.

Choosing a suitable oven for pressure testing may seem complicated. The availability of different types of these ovens and their various capacities will often confuse users.

In general, the vacuum section is very important in industries and laboratory settings. Usually, the results of this section will have a significant impact on the overall production process. It is worth noting that with the increase in the advanced level of vacuum oven/pressure chamber, you should naturally observe more safety measures.

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